ImpeBlack Adept Bakasura

  • Roles

    • Black Adept of the Tower of Cressen

    • NIghtmare Brothers of  Maergzjirah


By the grace of The Nameless,

My craft name is Bakasura and I am a disciple of Cressen. Growing up, I was always rebellious towards any kind of authority and secretly hated the restrictions of the Christian religion even though I was immersed in it from birth. As I got older, I began to question my beliefs and my hatred for the jci grew. It wasn’t until I had my spiritual awakening after speaking to Lucifer in a dream that I began to understand the source of this eternal hatred.

I discovered Maergzjirah about three years ago while searching for a true current of black sorcery. After watching EAGM Raszarith’s Forged in Sorcery video I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I finally found what my soul had been yearning for. I started out in Umbra due to my affinity for the shadows, but eventually got called by Lady Illivryn to rise through Cressen under the tutelage of  Lady Kalishar. By enduring the Draelith’s trials I came to a deeper understanding of self and learned how to use my pain and hatred as a source of power. Cressen has felt like home ever since.


In proud and humble service,



Lady Kalishar

Lady Vishalee


  • Aranaemagia

  • Vampirism

  • Weaving Protections

  • Ritual Music Creation