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I am a 50 yr old biker/sales professional. I am not a yuppie if anyone even remembers that term. I was actually a harley mechanic for a few years but got seriously sick of being dirt poor so I took my introverted ass and made it learn to talk to people.

I have always been very spiritual even from birth I have always know that their have been gods and higher beings. I flip floped through my life between christian religion and paganism but that is because I never found a outside aid to help me grow as a pagan (until now and never will I fall back to that crap!!!!). My mother was a catholic and then my ex-wife's grandmother was a zelot evangelical. Now back in 2011 I watched a video that totally woke me up and changed me. this video is debunked but thankfully not before i viewed it. I went through a span of depression as I came to terms with the fact that I had been lied to my whole life and this world is not what I thought it was. that my ideas were false and built on a foundation of sand. After my depression I realized as a new born that with my fresh eyes the wonder and magick returned to the world and I set out to find truth which over time lead me to the left hand and then to Maergzjirah. so there you are the quick and skinny history of this guy.

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